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Plant-Herbivore-Natural Enemy Interactions

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Cronin, J. T and J. D. Reeve. 2014. An integrative approach to understanding host-parasitoid population dynamics in real landscapes. For Basic and Applied Ecology (in press). j.baae.2014.01.007


Bezemer, T. M, J. A. Harvey, and J. T. Cronin. 2014. The response of native insect communities to invasive plants. Annual Review of Entomology 59: 119-141


I consider myself to be a broadly trained evolutionary ecologist. My research interests are rooted in theory and center on the population dynamics and evolution of plant-herbivore-predator interactions at meaningful spatial scales. Studies undertaken by my students and I are both experimental and quantitative and are often motivated by a strong interest in conservation and the biological control of plant pests by natural enemies. [more]

Current Research
Host-Parasitoid Spatial Ecology
Evolution and Ecology of Invasive Plant Species
Ecology and Management of Dead-Wood Arthropods
Plant Resistance and Tolerance in Space and Time
Environmental Effects on Induced-Plant Resistance


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